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the attackers made sure
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nothing was left inside the consulate were an american ambassador killed it may have been in part an inside job. it's worked in other places bay area city royals from deadly gun violence the mayor looks to boston for the answer. the condition of the stations and trains concern me bart deals with another problem, rats, what is being done to get rid of them. not just right to use terms like lifetime and still hear she signed up for free checking for life and the fees started banks get away with breaking a promise we have developing news from the middle east anti-american
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violence spreading demonstrators and upset about a once obscure internet movie mocking the profit mohammad. protests have spread to nine countries from yemen or the storm the u.s. embassy to iraq and egypt in cairo protesters clashed with police the state department prices for bigger protests tomorrow following friday prayers. will learn more about who is behind the assault on the u.s. consulate in libya elizabeth cook on who they are and how they infiltrated what was supposed to be a secret safe house. a deputy minister said the attacks were organized a two- part operation by heavily-armed militants he said they may have been kept off to the location by the safe house by espy within the security force. a radical islamic group is
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the leading suspect in the attack the name means " supporters of islamic law " officials described as offshoot of al qaeda. one of the attackers photographed at the scene. officials have made arrests. the fbi begins the investigation by interviewing the 30 american survivors who are now at a u.s. military base in germany. the attacker struck at 10:00 p.m. tuesday and were within the compound firing on the main building where ambassador christopher stephens information manager sean smith and a security officer had begun destroying classified documents. smoke and flames from a grenade exploded on the rough drove the security officer out of the building he went back into find stevens and smith.
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he got to john smith he was already dead he pulled him from the building he went back into the building with additional forces but was unable to locate ambassador stevens before the fire overcame the building. the battle shifted to an and next to other americans were killed. apparently outnumbered and outgunned by attackers. the remains of the ambassador stevens and three other american scheduled to come home tomorrow elizabeth cook cbs 5 we get our first look inside the consulate every room and every building looks like this. towards then ransacked the compound sits on a residential street it was not heavily fortified witnesses say the attackers came from all sides at once burning their way through the compound and a four and one- half hour siege. they made sure nothing was left
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tossing furniture in the pool the film maker by the anti muslim movie that fuels the mob violence is in hiding the media state outside his house in southern california where he believes to lead. no one has come to the door. a source says he is the man behind the film he is a convicted felon on probation for financial crimes. the film maker can set himself a coptic christian. who exactly are they a lot of them are in the bay area and now for a convention reporter kiddo on what they have to say about the film. for coptic christians in the bay area the place to be was pleasanton. 300 gathered for a two day spiritual conference many say whoever is behind the movie not
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one of them. let's say it was a cop day or two, and try to paint the picture that topics are the same that this is not right either. the bay area and has a coptic christian churches home to 3000 worshipers they have fled religious discrimination from the jet which is 90 percent muslim local church leaders denounce the movie and anyone with anti islamic views. there is no art behind it no truth behind it whenever that movie has does not resent my belief. i can speak for my church it does not represent any of us. for some it illustrates the balance between freedom of speech and religion when it comes to hurting others feelings it is not freedom of speech it is more hostile attitude and behavior which is not accepted.
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sandy a group in egypt and the u.s. and is confident muslims and christians can get through it. there are always up and downs and hard times i consider this one of the hard times it does not mean this is the end. kiet do, cbs 5 thousands gathered in vacaville to say goodbye to fallen california highway patrolman kenyon youngstrom. the memorial service for the seven year veteran drew friends families and fellow officers from around the state. the 37 year-old father of four gunned down last friday during a traffic stop on interstate 680 today remembered a hero and has been father and friend. i'm really proud of my dad
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he taught me about being a man he was not just my uncle he was my hero he was a father to me. can i know you can hear me, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. i look forward to seeing you again brother. my dad loved all you guys agassi left him thank you. youngstrom is the 223rd chp officer to die in the line of duty his name added to c h p memorial in sacramento. to gang injunctions and sports oakland tries everything to curb the gun violence the killings continue there have been 85 homicides this year. the city rolls out another new plan called " cease-fire " but
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is the answer or another program reporter christin ayers with that question to oakland mayor. ask anyone they will tell you solutions to oakland's gun violence starts within these walls. mayor jeanne quan's joins oakland's prominent pastors to cut a program called " cease- fire " will it work places like boston and salinas it zeros in on perpetrators and urges church leaders to reach out to them and find jobs. some people involved in the most violent crimes quan is administration struggles to find a foothold the plan foundered when it did not target the most violent areas the number of homicides has climbed to 85. we've heard about 100 blocks and gang injunctions is this another program or sharing about?
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this is a continuation you guys give it the name in every new cycle but this is a continuation of the work with sane people. when i came and the reporters that is this just another program? no it's not quan clams more people come forward to report incidents but she meds fixes are temporary during a summer jobs program a brief lull in violence. at the end in the summer all hell broke loose and i do know a grim fact that as grim skepticism in the streets. you need at the community by the into a but be actively involved. that may be mayor quan snacks challenge oakland has been working to implement the program for a couple of years only in the last six months as mayor jeanne quan's join the
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effort and pushes the program forward. christin ayers cbs 5 one of the grossest things about riding bart and some agents complained the rats are taking over. and i believe the ad said 365 years of three checking and what she get hit with bank fees and how banks are getting away with charging you free checking. rocky not behind the wheel we have all done it it could get you in trouble like singing and driving do not mix.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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our rider ship skyrockets but some passengers are noticing unwanted guest. around the stations, rats. mark sayre on the problem everyone wants fixed but no one can make disappeared. this youtube video reported at the civic center bart station
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shows iraq running up the escalator. it was the source of amusement for those watching it. for bart officials and passengers no laughing matter. the san francisco weekly reviewed maintenance reports over a month and found a series of complaints about rats just from here at the 24th street mission station one agent rights " rat problems can get more rattraps please another says " rats are taking over the station " ratch occur from time to time jim allison says with 44 stations no way to keep out all the rats the pigeons and other varmints that make their way to passenger areas not something passengers need to be concerned about what health when there are rats will have an exterminator that deals with that
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bart passenger silvie will press to look at the bright side not as bad as new york i see them occasionally on the tracks others say they're concerned about the health issues surrounding the rats. the condition of the stations and the train's iraq would concern me i would scream. and run. bart will continue to rely on exterminators but they are allocating $1 million to take care of the pigeon droppings problems that will install sheets to keep the pigeons from purging. the federal reserve takes action to rescue the u.s. economy the fed will buy $40 billion worth of mortgage bonds every month, the idea to drive mortgage rates lower bernanke
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says at if it works the plan should increase home buying helped stocks drive but consumer spending and bring down the unemployment rate. if people feel their financial situation is better their house is worth more they're more willing to out and spend that provides demand for firms to hire and invest wall street love the news the dell gained 200 points hitting a five-year high the new stimulus could hurt retirees. and anyone interested in savings accounts or money-market funds when you buy something with a lifetime guarantee you expected to last a lifetime when south at woman was surprised she was getting charged for free checking consumer reporter julie watts on how the bank got away with that. i believe the ad said 365
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years of free checking she figures that she has 349 years to go in 1996 she opened an account with bank of the west it promised free checking for life but she discovered and $8 service charge deducted every month since april. it came from and no fee checking account we contacted she was told her free checking account was converted to one with the feet and let sheik met certain conditions it is not right to use terms like lifetime and change the terms dozens of other customers are complaining about the same thing in this on-line petition after rolla promise is a promise that's why she wanted her free checking back and contacted consumer watch. volunteers shelly contacted bank of the west and her free
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checking was restored and refunded if these they had been contacted by cbs and rectify the situation. the bank said there are some legacy accounts that offered free checking for life of will no longer offer that promotion we stand by our promise something called said she will stick by bank of the west i feel like another 60 years of banking with them the bank of the country's largest banks no longer offered to free checking budget is to find them at credit unions and online banks for more information go to cbs s f dot com we've all done it got behind the wheel and turned up the radio and rocked out to a favorite song, a new study says we might want to hit the mute button now and then. reporter tony lopez shows us
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singing and driving don't mix. lauren was about to do something that would get her in trouble behind the wheel. crack open a beer know, text and drive no talk can drive know, she's about to do it can lead to danger. yes sing it. the science journal accident analysis and prevention found that drivers to belt out tunes have a slow response time behind the wheel. do you feel your distracted when you sing a little bit she seemed to do fine on our journey an inspired me to join in. but check out we found on youtube clearly these drivers are distracted this guy rocks sand and poses, or this young
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lady she closes her eyes as she gets into it. and dark shades loud voices and handsfree driving does not look saved during the study found that drivers ago at a higher rate of speed are more dangerous or in this case 65 while rhee rock out. if you choose to karaoke in the car it is ok if you cannot carry a tune, just keep your eyes open as you belt out the lyrics. a tune, just keep your eyes open as you belt out the lyrics. tony,,
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looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry. yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find:
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good evening paul deanno on a hot day inland widespread '90s pleasanton hit 97. not as warm tomorrow. cooling down a livermore at 67 san jose 60.
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concord 62 oakland 60. cloudy at the coast all day fog cover tonight. it will be a quiet night and cleared 57 degrees lower in line. a lot of cloud cover of short high pressure does not allow it to move inland the high pressure will be on the move during pushing to the south. we keep the sunshine but we get the onshore flow we keep the sunshine temperatures not as warm inland and for the weekend. temperatures tomorrow milpitas 78 los altos 82 san mateo 74. upper 80's walnut creek concord 87. san ramon 90. on the peninsula daly city 60
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san francisco 64 san leandro bart 72. nice on saturday. los '70s near the bay. next week we cool down further to the mid-80s inland,,,, okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card.
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they broke spring training the a's were 75-1 long shots to make the post-season they start selling tickets on monday raise your hand if you made that call at the beginning of the season. angels in the outfield they have been in the outfield but not in the stands. jarrett weaver struck out nine batters look to become the first angels pitcher to win 20 games since 2005. brandon moss taps it back starts the double play. yoenis cespedis jams is rest. oakland 32 games over 500 with u.n. nest in the lineup he is ok.
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there it goes when-0 angels they scored six in the seventh oakland shine out. they stay three games back of texas. the a's face baltimore followed by the yankees and the rangers all playoff contenders it will be wild ride. the died years face carlos beltran in l a former cal bear with a single the giants' lead in the west now seven and one- half games magic number is 12. the packers try to bounce back from 49ers lost facing the bears jay cutler picked off four times and sacked seven times. second quarter the fake field goal the punter throws up a 27
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yd touchdown pass. green bay at ten-3 rider still the best quarterback fourth quarter and " son green bay rebounds and went 23-10. derrick rose became emotional at an event for is a new new adidas shoe the top five actually a blessing all this stuff that goes on in this city a kid from inglewood something positive makes me feel so good. peyton manning 11 game for the broncos but as his own corn maze. the orioles pulled within one game and a wild-card spot with the walk off in the 14th inning against the reyes derek jeter
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are tied willie mays on the all- time hit list hit no. 3283. diesters cardinals he thought that a base hit,,,,,,,,
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were going to go now. you bet on the a's didn't you?

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